We are a family oriented club shooting year round with an active Junior Olympian youth program (JOP) offering instruction from certified coaches.


  • Volunteers are always needed. Many hands and various levels of experience are needed to run any tournament successfully. From a basic target tournament, to a 3D, to a major event like the Canada Cup, any amount of help is graciously accepted.
  • You don't need to have any experience. You could volunteer to help set up, take registrations, collect scorecards, man a concession stand, or even help an archer with scoring or collecting arrows. The tournament organizers will offer clear direction and place you where you are most needed or most comfortable. Some tasks require only 15 minutes of your time, while other tasks may run the duration of the tournament.
  • If you are at the event and cheering on an archer, please consider helping the organizers. We are all volunteers and will accept your help with a smile. 🙂
  • If you are just wanting to learn more about archery, what better way than to see how everything works while being immersed in the experience?
  • Send us an email using our CONTACT FORM so we can help you to help us!!