We are a family oriented club shooting year round with an active Junior Olympian youth program (JOP) offering instruction from certified coaches.


May 20 - 22, 2017
  • Saturday: Practice: 12pm to 4pm
  • Optional 720-round: scoring starts at 2pm
  • Sunday: Double 720 round, practice at 9am, scoring to start at 10am
  • Monday: Double Elimination round: Recurve Set-Play, Compound Match-Play, Practice starting at 9am with first rounds to start by 9:30am. In 2015 we were finished by 5pm on Monday. Potential weather delays could cause this time to be later--please plan accordingly.
  • Registration Fee: $80.00 (+$20 if you wish to participate in the optional 720 on Saturday)
  • So that's 3 720 rounds and match-play for $100!
  • Registration Deadline: May 10th, 9pm (PDT)
  • Maximum 80 shooters
  • Rounds and divisions:
  • Compound - World Archery Registered Double 50m 720 Round.
  • Recurve - World Archery Registered Double 70/60m 720 Round.
  • Age Categories: Senior, Junior, Cadet, Master
  • Double Elimination Set/Match Play for everyone.
    • Senior/Junior combined
    • Cadet/Master combined
  • Barebow would compete with the Recurve division, Compound Unlimited/Fixed Pins would compete with the Compound division but would need to meet the rules for allowable equipment (bow weight and arrow size).
  • See Rules WA 11.1 and WA 11.2 in the Archery Canada Rule Book.
  • Dress Code will be enforced. See Rule 20 of the AC Rule Book for full details. A brief summary can be found on the sidebar of the Registered Archers page.
  • As this is an Archery Canada sanctioned event, all Canadian competitors must be members-in-good-standing with Archery Canada and/or their Provincial Archery Associations. International athletes should be members of their national World-Archery-affiliated association.