We are a family oriented club shooting year round with an active Junior Olympian youth program (JOP) offering instruction from certified coaches.


September 5 & 6, 2015

Schedule:   Friday, September 4: Practice 1pm-5pm (including equipment inspection) AGM: 7pm at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre, 11925 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, BC   Saturday, September 5: 1200-round, Practice starts at 9am, first scoring arrow at 10am. Please show up before practice starts to pick up your scorecards and get your butt assignments. Anyone not inspected on Friday needs to have equipment checked on Saturday morning, please arrive by 8:30am. Lunch break, 1 hour, approx. 12-1pm.   Sunday, September 6: 720-round, Practice starts at 9am, first scoring arrow at 10am Medal presentation, approx. 1pm  
The BC Outdoors has a new format this year.   The event will consist of a Canadian 1200-round on Saturday and a World Archery 720-round on Sunday.   For more information about the rounds, distances, how many arrows to shoot and on what target sizes, please visit the Tournament Format page.  
Equipment categories:   Target events typically only recognize Recurve & Compound. Maple Ridge will also offer Barebow, Compound Unlimited and Compound Fixed Pins. Longbow and Instinctive will not be offered on their own, however, they may shoot with either the Recurve or Barebow categories, depending on the equipment rules. Please determine your category by checking the rules: Recurve WA 11.1, Barebow AC 11.5/WA 22.3 (look up your equipment rules here). Please remember that it is the archer's responsibility to know their equipment and which category they belong to for the event in which they are participating.   Compound Unlimited and Compound Fixed Pins categories are only available to Seniors and Masters. Juniors and younger will be registered in "Compound" category only.  
Age Categories: Your age as of December 31, 2015:   Senior: typically anyone  between the ages of 21-49, however anyone can compete in the Senior category Master 50: anyone 50 or older this year. Master 60: anyone 60 or older this year. Master 70: anyone 70 or older this year. Junior: anyone 20 or younger this year. Cadet: anyone 17 or younger this year. Cub: anyone 14 or younger this year. PreCub: anyone 12 or younger this year. PeeWee: anyone 9 or younger this year.   Registration Fees: Senior / Master: $ 55 Junior / Cadet / Cub: $ 45 PreCub / PeeWee: $ 25  
Dress code:   We will be following dress code regulations for this event. Please see the notes in the sidebar of the Tournament Format page for the basic rules and where to find the details.